Synchronizing HR
and Technology

Re-imagining and transforming Human Resources


IT Practice

Identify, purchase, implement, integrate and support cutting-edge HR technology solutions.

HCM Practice

Enabling organizations to implement future-thinking Human Capital Management practices and technology that align with their strategic goals.

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Processing Your Candidate Experience: Exploring 5 Key Factors that Will Keep Your Recruitment Pipeline Full.

Join us as we explore the easiest and most effective ways to increase candidate engagement.  


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SAP Success Factors

Bring together HR and technology to deliver positive employee experiences that drive key business outcomes.


Employee Engagement Consulting

Enable Qualtrics to better understand your workforce by collecting, managing, and acting on employee experience data.

Workforce Management Solutions

Deliver breakthrough employee experiences in the cloud, no matter how unique pay rules, regulations, schedules, or self-service need are.

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HR Strategies Consulting

HR Strategies Consulting recognizes the transformative power of technology and how it can be applied to improve employee experiences and the HR journey for organizations.

Our goal is to make work-life better for all by helping our clients deliver engaging employee experiences that will help them increase retention and loyalty.

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We deliver successful solutions that improve the employee experience through an ever-expanding number of products, services, and global markets.

Inspired to effect change?
So are we!

Inspired to effect change?
So are we!