Recorded: January 29, 2019

HR Technology is now in its 3rd wave of transformation since before the dotcom boom. If you have not jumped on the wave or picked the wrong wave, join this session to learn how to harness technology to provide value to HR and the business regardless of where you are in your HR Transformation journey. 

We will cover market trends and how to avoid the pitfalls of bad HR technology decisions. Also covered will be the impact that HR Technology trends are having on both the market, as well as HR and the value they bring to the organization.

About the presenter

Terri Joosten 
Global VP, HR Strategies Consulting

Terri Joosten has been an HR evangelist for more than 20 years. Terri now drives business results and enables companies to increase performance and engagement while driving sales results through effective utilization of their most valuable assets, their people. 

Webcast agenda

Below are key learnings from this session:

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