Recorded: May 26, 2022

The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically, with trends such as the Great Resignation and low unemployment rates creating new challenges for recruiting teams. Organizations are faced with the need to be agile in their approach to recruiting top talent.

Join us as we explore the easiest and most effective ways to increase candidate engagement. During this event participants will learn about five key factors in the recruiting process and how they impact your recruiting success – from the amount of job views received, to offer acceptance rates, and pipeline conversion rates.

In addition, attendees will see a demo of relevant software that can enhance your recruitment efforts and an interactive scorecard to track your organization’s candidate experience effectiveness.

About the presenters

Dan Whitmarsh
Solutions Engineer
HR Strategies Consulting

Dan Whitmarsh has over 20 years’ experience working with hundreds of clients to help them achieve positive business outcomes through employee engagement initiatives, talent management process re-engineering, and adoption of HR technologies.  It is at the intersection of these three foundations that successful organizations are seeing significant impact and the greatest opportunity to move their organizations forward into the digital era.       

Lesley Dalzell
Senior HR Consultant, (PROSCI Certified)
HR Strategies Consulting      

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