3 Best Practices For Recruiting During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Attracting and retaining top talent is difficult in the best of times, but what do you do if you are tasked with hiring right now?  Here are 3 best practices when hiring during this pandemic. 1. Focus on the Candidate Experience Writing clear job descriptions, responding to applicants, and building an authentic employer brand are […]

Reimagine Your Employee Experience With Continuous Performance Management

Explore how creating a unified approach to performance management can motivate, engage, and inspire your employees. Companies of every size can drive individual career development by creating a culture of continuous learning, development, and growth. Continuous Performance Management, or CPM, may be a new term but it’s not a new concept. Managers have long been […]

Coaching Conversations: Evolve to a Continuous Performance Management Process (CPM)

If the research on performance management has taught us anything, it’s that the greatest challenges companies face is more about people than processes. It’s not usually an ineffective process or tool that hinders the effectiveness of performance management, but resistance from people within the organization to change their mindsets and behaviours relating to coaching and […]

Build trust through a better employee experience

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With unemployment levels reaching historic lows, it’s a job seeker’s market. If your organization can’t provide a positive and fulfilling experience for your employees, they’ll move on to somewhere that can. Everyone expects to be paid accurately and on time. They want to make sure their vacation and sick time accruals and balances to be […]

Pay Equity Act Canada: Quick Overview Of Obligations

One of the more recent HR disciplines is equal pay for equal work, aka ‘pay equity.’ HR Strategies Consulting Inc’s founder and CEO, Ruby Maini, has a particular interest in pay equity having served on committee, and heading many pay equity projects in the past. The new legislation – Pay Equity Act – is an […]

A Diverse Workforce Means More Than Equal Opportunity For Woman

The globalization of workforces has pushed for more than just gender diversification. Diversity in the business environment now includes everything from gender, race, and ethnicity as well as religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, culture or disabilities. Companies around the world are discovering that supporting a culture of inclusion offers them many more benefits. Intuitively I […]

Continuous Performance Management Is Not New

The idea of Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is not new. Companies have long advised managers to engage in continuous coaching and communication with employees throughout the year. However, managers were rarely held accountable for these conversations nor given the tools to support them. Consequently, many performance management systems went stagnant and reviews remained annual exercises that […]

5 things companies with highly effective performance management systems have in common

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When we ask ourselves, “How can you empower and engage your workforce to drive bigger business impact?” we get to the heart of performance management. There is a known link between effective performance management and organizational success. A well-designed performance management system can increase employee engagement, provide talent visibility, improve leadership, and increase employee retention […]

Global Talent Management Solutions Address Changing Business Conditions

The battle for talent is amplified today amidst the changing dynamics of a more diverse workforce. New talent approaches to ensure a competitive advantage is required. Yet, research shows that most companies lack strategic, global talent management solutions to address changing business conditions and match future market needs. Technology can help bridge the gap between […]

People, Processes, Performance, and Your Onboarding Strategy

Ever wonder why some new hires come up to speed faster than others? Or wonder why some employees quit before they hit their first year? Onboarding is a critical part of your overall talent strategy, but it is often overlooked. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group of senior executives and HR staffing and […]