3 Areas Of Focus When Building Your Recruiting Strategy

When building your recruiting strategy, companies need to consider making the shift from recruiting reactively to recruiting with purpose. The help of software and automation can assist with sourcing, assessing, selecting and engaging quality candidates. Modern applicant tracking systems can offer tools for the entire candidate lifecycle, everything from promoting job opportunities to engaging candidates, […]

Our Fundraiser Was a HUGE success! Thank you

On July 4th the HR Strategies team took to the streets of Richmond Hill with the intention to sell lunches in our Lunch for a Cause campaign to raise money for Plan International. Our initial goal was to raise $1000 and we are thrilled to announce that we more than doubled that! We brought in […]

Lunch for a Cause on July 4: Fundraising for Plan International

Come and join the HR Strategies’ team in their fundraiser for Charity, Plan International.  It is Lunch for a Good Cause – giving hope to the unfortunate children! Below you will find copies of HR Strategies’ Lunch Combo flyer and charity, Plan International’s, brochure.  In the flyer, you will find the pricing and more specific […]

Millions Saved For Enterprise Sized Organizations Using SAP Jam Collaboration

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SAP’s findings in a recent independent study, “The Total Economic Impact of SAP Jam” calculated the cost savings and business benefits of deploying SAP Jam across 30  enterprise-sized organizations. What they saw was that the average SAP Jam return on investment (ROI) was about 550%, but what’s more interesting is that the ROI had increased […]

3 Reasons We Love Collaboration Software!

HR Strategies - HR Technology

Social collaboration software streamlines HR business processes across your organization by bringing people together to drive company-wide results. The obvious benefit is the elimination of information silos in your organization, but here are 3 maybe not so obvious ways HR benefits from collaboration software:  Streamline your onboarding process When combined with a formal onboarding program, […]

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: UPDATED

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Any American organization or business with more than 100 employees has a legal obligation to comply with the US Government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. The purpose of the policy is to achieve equity in the workplace so that nobody is denied employment, or opportunity, for reasons unrelated to aptitude. Employment equity is a matter of […]

Supporting a Culture of Learning with a Learning Management System

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Every organization wants a high-quality workforce. They may realize that in order to do this they need to advance employee skills, but how? It starts with developing a culture of learning. A culture of continuous learning is essential to company success because it improves employee productivity, business results and gives an organization a competitive edge […]

Which Method Of Succession Management Works For You?

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Being able to anticipate skill gaps and nominating candidates to fill critical roles, as well as supporting the future needs of a company, is paramount to the long term success of an organization. In best case scenarios, training and learning initiatives are almost always paired with mentoring and coaching opportunities. Assessments and evaluations are fair […]

HR Strategies Consulting Receives SAP® North America Partner Excellence Award 2019 for SAP Cloud Partner Program

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WILMINGTON, Del., March 21, 2019 (Newswire.com) – HR Strategies Consulting today announced it is the recipient of an SAP® North America Partner Excellence Award 2019 for SAP Cloud Partner Program. Awards were presented by SAP to the top-performing SAP partners in the North America region that have made outstanding contributions to driving customers’ digital transformation. Recipients of this year’s […]

Aligning Financial and HR Objectives With Compensation Planning

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With global competition for talent increasing and today’s business environment, an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent should be at the forefront of their efforts. Did you know that you can attract, motivate and retain highly skilled, diverse and global workforces – even with limited budgets – by taking a more strategic approach to […]