Optimize HR management end to end to maximize value from your employees

Employers are facing increasing challenges in attracting and retaining the employees they need. Growing demand, labor shortages and changing expectations around reward and work/life balance are just some of the factors that make it harder to get and keep staff with the key skills organizations need. In our recent eBook we examined how a fresh […]

5 Elements Of Continuous Learning You Can Implement In Your Workplace

  The majority of organizations have struggled during the pandemic. A sole focus on efficiency has resulted in rigidity in workflows, structure, networks, and role-design. The ever-changing environment of the COVID era requires adapting to new working conditions… and quickly.  According to Gartner’s research, only 19% of HR leaders believe that their workforce can effectively […]

Pay Equity Act Canada: Quick Overview Of Obligations

One of the more recent HR disciplines is equal pay for equal work, aka ‘pay equity.’ HR Strategies Consulting Inc’s founder and CEO, Ruby Maini, has a particular interest in pay equity having served on committee, and heading many pay equity projects in the past. The new legislation – Pay Equity Act – is an […]

2 Tips To Manage Year-End HR Tasks

HR Strategies - HR Technology

This is the last week of work for many departments as they finish up to take time off for holidays. As such, it’s common for professionals of all types to feel overwhelmed by mounting tasks, projects and deadlines.  HR is especially affected by this year-end rush, and at times it might seem impossible to get ahead […]

New Pay Equity Legislation Proposed By Liberal Government

HR Strategies Consulting - HR Technology

The Liberal government is introducing long-awaited pay equity legislation for federally regulated employees. Under the proposed system, employers would need to examine their compensation practices and ensure women and men in workplaces that fall under federal jurisdiction receive equal pay for work of equal value. It would apply to all federally regulated employers with 10 […]

eLearning Content Creation or Curation Can Be Time Consuming

learning content

The need to attract, retain and develop your employees is the goal of learning and development (L&D) departments everywhere. Though the specific content needs may vary from industry to industry (and even department to department) it’s important to understand the organizational goals that your L&D strategies are supporting. More and more organizations are making the […]

How will Bill 148 Affect Pay Equity and Your Company?

Pay Equity Bill 148 Ontario

The pay equity landscape in Ontario is changing!  Recently I have had the pleasure of interviewing on this topic. David Whitmarsh CEO of the Whitmarsh Consulting Group and owner of BestPracticeinHR.com sat with me to discuss the intention of Bill 148 and how it might impact HR departments across Ontario.  Here is the transcript of that […]

Bill 148 Makes Changes To The Employment Standards Act in Ontario

Bill 148 is the law! Changes made to the Employment Standards Act on April 1, 2018 require: Equal Pay for Equal Work As of April 1, 2018, employers will be required to pay casual, part-time, temporary or seasonal employees at the same rate as full-time employees if those employees perform the same type of work, in […]

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