Managing a Union Workforce – Reducing the burden and the risks associated

  Managing Unions, especially multiple unions, can be time consuming and complicated, but it does not have to be. Supervising employees in a unionized environment has its own unique set of rules and challenges. It is challenging to make changes to collective agreements, labour laws, human rights codes and disciplinary procedures while maintaining a trusting […]

Lunch for a Cause on July 4: Fundraising for Plan International

Come and join the HR Strategies’ team in their fundraiser for Charity, Plan International.  It is Lunch for a Good Cause – giving hope to the unfortunate children! Below you will find copies of HR Strategies’ Lunch Combo flyer and charity, Plan International’s, brochure.  In the flyer, you will find the pricing and more specific […]

2 Tips To Manage Year-End HR Tasks

HR Strategies - HR Technology

This is the last week of work for many departments as they finish up to take time off for holidays. As such, it’s common for professionals of all types to feel overwhelmed by mounting tasks, projects and deadlines.  HR is especially affected by this year-end rush, and at times it might seem impossible to get ahead […]

SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Success is simply human No matter where you want to begin, SAP SuccessFactors solutions are ready. You can start with any solution and move at the pace you want, but we know that the need to reduce complexity matters to our customers.  With SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, you can integrate systems easily! More than 170 […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Hollywood Fall Out and Impact to Business

Hollywood has been center stage for the wrong reasons lately. As the number of celebrities in Hollywood grows for both being exposed for sexual misconduct and for taking the steps to report on being subjected to sexual harassment, the impact to the world has been dramatic.  We have seen “Me Too” posts beyond imagination on […]

HR Strategies Consulting Team celebrates Halloween in style!

       On Tuesday, the HR Strategies Consulting Team celebrated Halloween.  Everyone dressed up (some even had multiple costumes!), and we trick or treated at each others’ desks with both traditional halloween candy and chips, and some delectable homemade treats.                                   […]

HR Strategies 10th Anniversary Celebrations!!!!!!!

  It was a wonderful journey that was started in 2007 , and now HR Strategies has completed a decade. The HR Strategies Consulting Team went to Ronald McDonald House Charities and provided some gifts & eats  for the kids to enjoy. We also had a fun day with our Team bowling and having a great […]