HR Department Silos Can Damage Your Organization’s Company Culture

Identifying and dismantling “silos” within HR departments can help prevent the silo mentality that can reduce an organization’s efficiency and damage the overall company culture. 

Often as an organization grows their HR department can break-up into smaller departments who are responsible for certain tasks (talent acquisition, for example, is managed separately from learning and development). They can sometimes act independently as well, sometimes making decisions without considering the department as a whole. This leads to wasted effort and may even lead to redundancy in technology solutions purchased by the company.

In our Webcast on November 27, we will be discussing how defining “Skills and Competencies” as the common language of HR can help you to eliminate technology redundancies, missing data and encourage organizational alignment and a better overall company culture.

When a company uses “Skills and Competencies” to align an organization, they tend to hire, develop, and promote individuals based on criteria that is standardized and validated throughout the organization.

We know that the capabilities of your employees can make or break an organization, so this is an important consideration for any company.

Join us at 1pm EST on Tuesday, November 27 for a webcast hosted by Terri Joosten, Global VP of HR Strategies Consulting

In this webcast you will:

1) Learn how to define skills and competencies for your organization.
2) Recognize how to effectively use them to attract hire and retain top performers
3) Learn how they can drive more value in technology
4) Discuss the impact that competencies can have on both HR and the business.

Can’t make it Tuesday afternoon? No problem. Register anyway! We’ll share the webcast archive, complete with slides, once we’re done. 

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