Supporting a Culture of Learning with a Learning Management System

Every organization wants a high-quality workforce. They may realize that in order to do this they need to advance employee skills, but how? It starts with developing a culture of learning.

A culture of continuous learning is essential to company success because it improves employee productivity, business results and gives an organization a competitive edge for talent acquisition and retention.

Moreover, according to research from Deloitte, Millennials expectation is that a workplace will have a learning path already set up for them. Training and development opportunities are the most popular benefit any employee can offer.

And since the Millennial generation has just surpassed previous generations as the most dominant age group in the average workforce, execution of learning strategies for this generation should be a priority.

So how do you develop a culture of learning?

The most important aspect of developing a culture of learning is to establish a clear link between learning and performance. Employees need to know that the desire to learn is a valued behaviour that their company will reward them for. Research shows that a well-designed performance management strategy that includes employee learning and development programs can improve overall employee engagement.  An engaged workforce is motivated to do their very best for the organization they work for.

The good news is that most new generation workers are very well adapted at handling change. They prefer a learning environment that is flexible and mobile. Many of the newer learning management systems (LMS) out there include on-the-go training options.  

Enhance your learning culture with an LMS and receive the following benefits:

  • Reduce cost for travel and training facilities
  • Reduce time away from the job for training
  • Improve training efficiencies
  • Onboard new products and services quickly and easily
  • Reduce redundancy in learning initiatives
  • Lower regulatory risks and liabilities
  • Establish strategic goals and track progress towards them
  • Attract and retain higher quality employees
  • Help employees improve skills and build confidence
  • Support manager reviews with training goals
  • Reduce employer liabilities with compliance training
  • Identify high potential talent and develop leadership

If we know that delivering a feeling of value to our employees is essential for the long term success of an organization, and we know that our workforce expects learning initiatives, and the capacity for promotion as a result, then cultivating a culture of learning and providing the tools necessary to bring that to your workforce should be, not a choice for organizations, but a priority.

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