How 2019 HR Technology is Transforming Business Processes

The HR Technology market is under radical change! Automation, AI, digitalization, and intelligent tools are transforming the HR space. Read on to discover the exciting HR technology trends and how they are transforming HR.

Technology is a great enabler and it has made possible to create faster and more efficient HR Systems. Many organizations of different sizes and industries have accepted the new technologies in HR and made themselves more efficient, faster and effective. More digital platforms, processes, and services are being unveiled in the market each day. The fusion of HR with technology is shaping a new world of work, and it is all set to dominate the future.

Traditional HR vs. Strategic Talent Management

Over the years, HR has transformed from traditional HR to a holistic and strategic talent management. This transformation has changed HR from – reactive to proactive, administrative to strategic, Transactional to collaborative, and so on…

In the past, we were not able to show how we impact business results. That’s not the case anymore. Once you better understand your own journey in HR you can see how it can benefit from HR technology.

Critical HR Business Drivers

The critical HR business drivers include:

• Attracting top talent
• Retaining talent
• Engagement of the workforce and alignment of employee performance to business goals
• Analytics to assist in decision making and to prove the results produced by HR initiatives
• Automation to free up time for more strategic initiatives
• Strategic – Ability for HR to be strategic versus transactional
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the ROI of applications and solutions being utilized by HR

HR must have a good understanding of the importance and contributing factors for these critical HR business drivers and how they are impacted by HR technology trends.

HR Technology Projects & Trends

A considerable number of HR Technology Projects result in a failure. The reasons for failure include factors such as: The solution is too difficult to use, There are too many systems, Lack of executive buy-in, No time to train, Short sighted approach etc. In short, projects fail because people do not do the proper due diligence and flush out what your company actually needs from the solutions market space. If you are unsatisfied with your HR technology, you should research why your projects fail in order to determine how to take the right approach towards effective and successful implementation.

C-level impact

How can you justify the cost of HR technology to the CEO, CFO, and CIO? What important from their point of view?

Getting early adoption from c suite can be a challenge, but if you can effectively link the HR Technology with what each of the CXOs actually need and want from HR Technology this whole process is so much easier.

For example, your CEO may be interested in Top talent acquisition for the business, maximizing engagement to drive business goals, development of talent, advanced and predictive analytics etc. While the CIO may want his or her team to focus on efficient management and on specific solutions, not on interfaces and integrations. The CFO will consider the factors such as reduced number of contracts, Cost-efficiency, Economies of scale etc. where the CEO would have a completely different focus.

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