Date recorded: Feb 22, 2022

Performance of employees is what they do every day at work and is not accurately recorded in an event that occurs around the 364th day of a 365-day cycle. Performance management needs to do better at aligning organizational goals, performance goals and developmental goals with the required skills and competencies that your organization needs to be successful. Performance management needs to address employee’s needs around their work-life and provide guidance and feedback on their activities and achievements that will ultimately lead to goal completion. Join us to explore a new framework that provides a meaningful and easy to use way to ensure performance meets the mark and moves your organization forward.

Participants in this event will gain an understanding of:
• Historical shortcomings associated with an annual performance management cycle
• Key drivers that influence effective performance management beyond the annual review
• Stakeholders in achieving success in the performance management process
• A framework for linking performance management to the real needs of employees in 2022

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HR Strategies Consulting

HR Strategies Consulting

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