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Leverage the latest technology to transform your approach to HR

Finding the right
HR technology solutions

Our IT Practice provides visibility, analytics, and insight into your workforce to make good business and policy decisions aligned with your strategic initiatives.

The goal is to find the right-fit technology to address your organizational HR needs. Our deep expertise and breadth of experience with a vast portfolio of HR IT solutions ensure our customers select and implement the best technology to meet their growing and ever-changing needs.


IT Solutions

Core HR, Payroll,
and Time

This is the foundation of any HR department, enabling key employee data, capturing fundamental business processes, and empowering all employees to have an engaging experience.

Employee Central Core

Automate HR tasks such as managing people profiles and organizational charts, employee benefits, time and attendance, and HR compliance with our integrated software capabilitiess leo.

Employee Central Payroll

Simplify and integrate global payroll processes, ensuring your workforce is paid accurately and on time.

Workforce Management

Enable accurate time and attendance, scheduling, and leave management processes.


Our solutions attract, motivate, and retain high-performing employees while driving continuous performance improvement, motivating employees with the right rewards and recognition, learning and development opportunities, and personalized experiences that simplify everyday tasks.


Manage reskills and upskill learning to close gaps and meet certification requirements.

Performance and Goals

Evaluate and recognize top talent and continuously improve workforce performance, helping you enable an engaged and motivated team

Onboarding and Recruting

Attract, hire, and onboard the right people at the right time.


Recognize and reward performance by optimizing compensation programs through performance management and a holistic compensation management solution that rewards objectively.

Succession and Development

Identify, plan, and address skill gaps to comprehensively develop talent and prepare for the organization’s future success.


Experience Management

This is the employee’s journey through all the touchpoints at an organization from hire to retire. Our solutions measure and improve employee experiences, provide a healthy and safe workplace, and help you listen to employees and take action. People’s experiences also extend beyond HR and can include capabilities like booking travel, completing expense reports, and invoice management.

Experience Management

Listen, understand, respond, and deliver on employee needs to improve their experiences.

Digital Workplace for HR

Develop a digital workplace and gain access to business applications and processes, information, and communications through a single experience.

Invoice, Expense, and Travel Management

Automate travel, expense, and invoice processes.

Labor Relations

Manage labor relations such as grievance and appeals, union job bidding, seniority rules, discipline tracking, and civil services rules for recruitment.

Employee Health and Safety

Manage health and safety with a cloud-based HR extension that provides an end-to-end integrated environment for managing workplace health and safety incidents.

Why choose

HR Strategies?

We’re not just an HR partner, and we’re not just a technology partner, we are actually the best of both worlds. It is more than just implementing new  technology. We help our partners find the solution that best fits their unique needs and goals, ensuring they invest wisely to optimize benefits.

With our expert support, we align your HR vision with the technology that you need to improve workplace performance, productivity, and employee experiences.

Invest in your people by supporting them with the right technology.

We can help you find it.

Invest in your people by supporting them with the right technology.

We can help you find it.