3 Reasons We Love Collaboration Software!

Social collaboration software streamlines HR business processes across your organization by bringing people together to drive company-wide results. The obvious benefit is the elimination of information silos in your organization, but here are 3 maybe not so obvious ways HR benefits from collaboration software: 

Streamline your onboarding process

When combined with a formal onboarding program, social collaboration software reduces the costs and resources needed to effectively onboard employees. You can connect employees to the experts and information they need, in real time. It can also allow you to onboard groups which can speed up the process and encourage open dialogue between employees so they can easily share experiences with each other.

Increase employee engagement

Collaboration software helps increase employee engagement by enabling mentoring relationships, connecting employees with knowledge experts, and encouraging discussion, brainstorming and strategizing sessions across your business. Knowledge sharing is considered the key to motivating and engaging employees as it encourages organizational trust. According to research, trustworthy employees openly exchange useful ideas, collaborate, and accept influence without imposing control. Trust is often linked to productivity. Managers who are trusted by their team members have much greater success in motivating them to do their best work.

Encourage transparency

Trust and transparency go hand-in-hand. When a company operates in a way that encourages openness between managers and employees you encourage a culture of transparency. Demonstrating transparency can be as simple as manager visibility, but can include things like providing clear guidelines for project expectations and free sharing of information. Collaboration software can remove departmental and geographic barriers between employees and provide quick access to the content and experts needed to get their job done.

Raise the bar for your business and give it a competitive edge by achieving the full potential your employees through the implementation of an engaging collaboration platform.

Speeding up, and increasing the effectiveness of your onboarding process, encouraging employee engagement and organizational transparency are just 3 ways collaboration tools like SAP Jam Collaboration can benefit your business.

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