Mobile HR – Anywhere, Anytime and Easy to Use is Now in Reach

HR leaders across the globe have struggled with applying technology to align HR with corporate goals and strategies. Why has this been such an ongoing struggle? With all the new platforms and technologies, how is this out of reach? Let’s use Mobile HR as case in point.

Many organizations want to provide mobile support for key HR processes to increase employees’ productivity, efficiency and engagement. Having modern applications that are easy to use are part of creating the modern culture that helps attract and retain employees. It sounds easy but the journey to create this employee experience is no easy task. The business case is clear. Employees are overwhelmed with:

  • The complexity of applications that the typical workplace demands
  • A lack of simple and easy to use solutions in the HR function
  • The desire for modern applications and modern work cultures

The problem lies in the current IT complexity of many companies. Many large HR organizations would have separate applications for HRIS, Time Entry, Scheduling, Payroll and many other HR processes. When the IT infrastructure is so fragmented, there is often conflicting data models, redundant mobile applications, different security models and separate application logins. Trying to create an easy to use mobile HR application from this complex IT infrastructure requires significant effort in data integration, application integration and programming. Even after applying this effort the overwhelming complexity for the employee may still be present.

This narrative around Mobile HR is poised to be a problem of the past. New mobile platforms such as Capriza simplify access to the data and applications and present them in a single easy to use mobile environment. HR data from time entry, scheduling, payroll and talent management can be easily enabled on a devices application with no programming effort. Organizations can quickly deploy Mobile HR applications such as:

  • Mobile access to payroll and benefits
  • Mobile time entry submission and approval
  • Mobile self service
  • Mobile PTO submission and approval
  • Mobile performance management

Many leading HR organizations are experiencing tremendous benefits from Capriza. A large CPG manufacturer has used Capriza in conjunction with their own HR systems to provide mobile applications for:

  • Manager appraisals
  • Management of internal job applications
  • Simplifying performance appraisals and annual merit increases

These mobile applications have been created quickly with little or no programming effort. HR Strategies Consulting has established partnership with Capriza to deliver these compelling mobile applications to Canadian and US marketplace. HR Strategies is the only systems integrator providing the Capriza solution in the Canadian HR Market.

Paul Abela

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