eLearning Content Creation or Curation Can Be Time Consuming

The need to attract, retain and develop your employees is the goal of learning and development (L&D) departments everywhere. Though the specific content needs may vary from industry to industry (and even department to department) it’s important to understand the organizational goals that your L&D strategies are supporting.

More and more organizations are making the switch to eLearning to support: Product knowledge, compliance training, improving efficiencies, process training, standardized training, new hire onboarding, etc.

What is your company using eLearning for? Do you create your own learning content?

If you are responsible for learning content creation/curation, we know that the pressure of continuously supplying relevant and quality courses for your workforce can be a challenge. One of the biggest pain points we encounter is that the time needed for L&D strategy development doesn’t leave much time for content creation (let alone time for reporting, for compliance or budget). L&D departments everywhere are looking for easier ways to manage their learning content.

Did you know, there is a vast array of online learning content that can be launched and tracked from within your HR technology?

To provide the amount of content your organization needs you may find purchasing off the shelf course content from vendors to be the most cost-effective and time-saving solution.

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