Integrated workforce analytics for actionable insights today – SAP SuccessFactors

With a single HR system of record, you always have a clear picture of your entire workforce.
Fragmented HR systems can prevent companies from answering even basic questions about their employees – let alone manage their workforce effectively. You need a Core HR system that provides a single source of truth, handles HR transactions flawlessly and delivers true business impact with:
  • Support of end-to-end talent management
  • Powerful workforce analytics and planning
  • Seamless integration with back-end systems
  • Employee engagement and collaboration

…What successful companies understand is that core HR lays the foundation for not just compliance, but employee engagement and business success.

Move beyond process automation to make the most of your people data – for decisions that grow your business. Plus, analyze your people data together with any business data, such as financials.
Imagine if you could answer questions such as these:
  • What’s our revenue per employee?
  • Is it higher than our competitors?
  • How does it vary across lines of business or geographies?
  • How many dollars of operating profit are generated for every dollar invested in compensation and benefits?
  • Is the ROI on human capital higher than the ROI on working capital, invested capital, or plant and equipment?
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