Use real-time insights to improve attracting,
engaging, and retain talent across your organization.

Empower your organization by putting people first

Managing experiences is how modern enterprises approach HR. Beyond managing people and workflows, companies need to listen, understand, and take action on experience data such as beliefs, emotions, and intentions. This has made Qualtrics the leader in employee experience management, helping organizations improve on four core business experiences: customer, employee, product, and brand.

Supported by real-time insights that show exactly where to focus efforts to increase performance, Qualtrics helps empower every manager in your organization to rapidly boost employee engagement.

Improve employee engagement

Make quick decisions supported by real-time data

See how your actions impact employee workplace productivity and organizational KPIs

Enable managers with data and action planning

Reduce unwanted and costly attrition

Improve retention

Compare engagement results with global, industry, and Fortune 500 benchmarks


What can Qualtrics do for your company?

Real-time Results

Enable automatically processed analytics in real-time and individualized reports are immediately ready for print or digital review. It’s that fast when running thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of responses through the platform.

Simple Form Creation

A simple and intuitive form creator that anyone can figure out. The point-and-click interface makes it easy to set up form flow, import employee data, and set up questions and categories.

Customized Dashboards

Each manager gets an interactive dashboard tailored to their part of the organization, letting them use and process data as needed.

Hierarchical Reporting

Hierarchical reporting lets managers dive into data and rapidly reveal pockets of high or low engagement and discover what’s driving them. This helps them make quick, informed decisions that will result in a more engaged and productive workforce


Choose from over 100 different question types and translate them into more than 70 languages. You can set them up to require responses, randomize questions, introduce sophisticated display logic, establish anonymity thresholds, and more.

Why work

with us?

With HR Strategies Consulting’s expertise in human capital management, managing implementations, and execution of engagement surveys, we offer a seamless experience for organizations to develop a strategy through monitoring ongoing feedback to track the engagement of their employees.

Deliver seamless employee experiences and watch your workforce engagement thrive.

Make the most of your HR data.

Deliver seamless employee experiences and watch your workforce engagement thrive.

Make the most of your HR data.