3 Areas Of Focus When Building Your Recruiting Strategy

When building your recruiting strategy, companies need to consider making the shift from recruiting reactively to recruiting with purpose. The help of software and automation can assist with sourcing, assessing, selecting and engaging quality candidates. Modern applicant tracking systems can offer tools for the entire candidate lifecycle, everything from promoting job opportunities to engaging candidates, scheduling interviews and guiding new hires throughout the onboarding process.

Organizations feel the pressure to make every stage of their recruiting strategy more efficient. Nobody can afford the high cost of loss of productivity, recruitment marketing, and onboarding when they lose an employee.

The landscape to attract, engage and retain top talent has changed! Much has been said about the millennial generation and its obsession with speed, instant gratification, and the consistent barrage of competitive content. However, the truth is that access to the Internet has changed the way all generations search and apply for jobs. This is why it’s so important to employ and engage the right talent with a solution that provides metrics and guidance at every stage in the recruiting process.

These three areas are important to consider when assessing your recruitment process or developing your recruiting strategy: Engagement, Onboarding, and Retention.

Engagement: You must create ways to engage candidates, and for candidates to engage with you. These ways don’t necessarily involve applications either. Relationship building and personal connection are essential to developing and maintaining a healthy talent pool.

Onboarding: Make employee onboarding part of your overall talent strategy by empowering new hires and internal hires to ramp up and contribute to corporate goals quickly. When you remove the guesswork you highlight critical next steps and relevant training content. Connections can be made with mentors and peers offering support for new hires. Establishing strong working relationships is critical to the early stages of success offering an intuitive approach to onboarding also reduces compliance risk.

Retention: One-third of new hires quit their job after only 6 months! That stat is staggering and has had more organizations revamping their recruitment process. Between developing a process that sets new hires up for success from the start, and providing learning and goal setting experiences that can help inspire your people to reach their full potential, you have a better chance at retention.

By delivering a candidate-first experience, with the use of recruiting and onboarding software, you can attract and nurture talent more effectively and with higher efficiency.

If you are looking for a solution that will simplify and engage with a more collaborative approach to recruiting to simplify and accelerates the hiring process, speak with one of our recruiting and onboarding specialists.  HR Strategies Consulting is behind you each step of the way, through finding the best solution, to implementation and training.

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