The New Recruiting Command Center

By:  HR Strategies Consulting’s SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Expert

The Recruiting Command Center has a new look and feel.  The previous flash-based Command Center has been replaced by a new HTML5-based interface and a new release of Career Site Builder.

In the new Command Center, a list of sites is shown with Site IDs, Names, Status, access to Career Site Builder, a link to the Career Site, and Advanced Analytics.

New Career Site Builder


Integrating Recruiting Marketing and Recruiting Management with the New Command Center

1. Create a new provider:

From the menu, choose “Career Site Builder”  →  “Tools”  →  “Manage API Credentials”  →  “+Add New Provider”.

The system will generate the Provider ID and the Password automatically.


2.  Populate the Site Integrations tab:

From the menu, choose “Career Site Builder”  →  “Settings”  →  “Site Configuration”  →  “Site Integrations.

You must create the Single Sign-On Security Key following the password policy.


3.  Replicate the values from Site Integrations (Command Center) into Provisioning:

Choose “Service Provider Settings” and then “Recruiting Marketing Settings”

  • Security Key XXXXX = Single Sign-On Security Key (from Site Integrations tab in Step 2 above)
  • API Key for Job Post Sync – Provider ID (from Manage API Credentials)
  • Password for Job Post Sync = Password (from Manage API Credentials)
  • Expire in (seconds) = 3600 (recommended value)  


4.  Configure URL values in Provisioning:

Choose “Managing Recruiting” and then “Configure Recruiting Marketing Datacenter URL”



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