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Global Talent Management Solutions Address Changing Business Conditions

The battle for talent is amplified today amidst the changing dynamics of a more diverse workforce. New talent approaches to ensure a competitive advantage is required. Yet, research shows that most companies lack strategic, global talent management solutions to address changing business conditions and match future market needs.

Technology can help bridge the gap between strategy and execution by driving business alignment, continuously optimizing workforce performance, and maximizing engagement and productivity

On our experience the SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite is the only talent management software that provides a complete solution across all talent processes from recruit to retire, or hire to fire, whichever you prefer.

SAP SuccessFactors provides a unified talent solution that includes: Onboarding, Recruiting, Performance & Goals, Learning, Compensation, and Succession & Development

While each solution can be used alone, they can also be seamlessly used together – to support a comprehensive talent management strategy that further aligns, optimizes, and accelerates your workforce.

“Executing SAP SuccessFactors integrated talent management platform was a key building block in linking strategy, execution and talent.” Robert Mellwig, SVP, Human Resources, Destination Hotelse

The SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite includes the following:

Recruiting Transform recruiting into a proactive, strategic part of your talent strategy with the only end-to-end recruiting solution that helps you source, engage and hire the world’s best candidates while providing guidance at every step.

Onboarding Boost employee engagement, retention, and productivity by accelerating people, processes and productivity. Simplify onboarding, crossboarding, and offboarding to support new hires, hiring managers, HR and all others involved in the most effective way

Learning Improve employee skills, reduce compliance risk and effectively engage any learning audience with one comprehensive, modern Learning solution that improves engagement and reduces complexity and cost. You will be able to deliver training any time, make the path to learning more personalized, and easily measure your learning results.

Performance & Goals Put employee performance at the center of the process so your people can perform at their best. Keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives, help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching, and accurately measure the value and impact of your employees.

Compensation Align compensation programs with business objectives, create strategic compensation plans to attract, motivate and retain key talent, and effectively communicate the value of rewards to employees.

Succession & Development Identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals while providing visibility and planning for future growth at all levels. Improve employee engagement and retention with continuous development and career planning.

“SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management solutions help us stay ahead of the curve in finding and training the right people, offering a sustainable HR solution for long-term growth.” Lauri Lipka, Vice President of Global Human Resources, AGCO Corporation

If you are thinking about investing in new technology to handle Talent Management, there are things to consider and prepare for in order to make the right decisions and to be “process ready” to get the most out of your new solution.

Understanding current and future state will help you not only pick the right long- term solution but also prepare you for a more successful implementation.

Re-Imagine your Talent Management Approach: Technology as an enabler, not the solution!

Join our webinar and you will gain some valuable insights, learnings, and ideas that will help you “leapfrog” past the automation trap!

The discussion will focus on:
1. How technology can enable HR and Business Strategy
2. How to get ‘system-ready’
3. How to go beyond automation
4. SAP’s Talent Management Suite Demo

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