Millions Saved For Enterprise Sized Organizations Using SAP Jam Collaboration

SAP’s findings in a recent independent study, “The Total Economic Impact of SAP Jam” calculated the cost savings and business benefits of deploying SAP Jam across 30  enterprise-sized organizations. What they saw was that the average SAP Jam return on investment (ROI) was about 550%, but what’s more interesting is that the ROI had increased by more than 18 percent from the first to the final year of the study as customers discovered new ways to utilize the collaboration platform and improve efficiencies.

As digital enterprises continue to expand, it is more critical than ever for organizations to have collaboration tools that keep employees connected and productive.

Here are a few other benefits of SAP Jam Collaboration that this research has discovered:

  • Transform organizational culture through the removal of barriers and hierarchies. SAP Jam provides a means for employees to quickly connect across geographies, teams, and levels. The information posted is available immediately to the right individuals, regardless of their department and title.
  • Create a means for a globally-distributed organization to unify their content and work. By replacing legacy platforms with SAP Jam, organizations are able to streamline content management and collaboration by providing a single space for all locations and teams globally.
  • Increase accountability among employees who contribute to projects. SAP Jam increases the visibility of the efforts of project team members. With visibility comes increased accountability both on the team and at personal levels.
  • Improve access to information for the ever-increasing mobile workforce. Several mobile-dependent groups, such as young, digital native employees, sales teams and employees who do not have desktop computers, benefit from the ability to access content from, and collaborate, on any device.

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