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Defining Skills and Competencies – The Common Language of HR

Understanding the common language and shared interest around skills and competencies within departments and an organization as a whole can encourage organizational alignment. If we are aligned, organizations will hire, develop, and promote individuals based on criteria that is standardized and validated throughout the organization. This will improve engagement and retention and save the organization a substantial amount of time and money.

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2019 Trends in HR Technology and The Impact on HR

HR Technology is now in its 3rd wave of transformation since before the dotcom boom. If you have not jumped on the wave or picked the wrong wave, join this session to learn how to harness technology to provide value to HR and the business regardless of where you are in your HR Transformation journey. 

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Performance Management – What’s the latest?

Watch the archive as we discuss the pressures in the market to change the typical organizational functions of “Performance Management”

For years managers and employees have been actively protesting old methods of review. The feeling was that it was leading to uncomfortable conversations and not productive feedback.

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Increasing Employee Engagement through Social Collaboration Tools

Employee Engagement is a key business driver for any successful company. Today we will discuss how to elevate employee engagement using social collaboration in your organization. We will also walk you through SAP’s Jam Collaboration and show you have you can solve problems faster and drive results by connecting customers, partners and employees.

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Attracting Top Talent in 2019 Webcast

The war for talent is stronger than ever. With so many companies competing for the same pool of talent, how do you stand out? We’ll show you how to leverage your brand, social media and SEO to attract and hire the best talent.

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Re-Imagine your Talent Management Approach

If you are thinking about investing in new technology, there are things to consider and prepare for internally to make the right decisions and to be “process ready” to get the most out of your solution. Understanding current and future-state will help you not only pick the right long-term solution but also prepare you for a more successful implementation.

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