Webinars & Videos

Increasing Employee Engagement through Social Collaboration Tools

Employee Engagement is a key business driver for any successful company. Today we will discuss how to elevate employee engagement using social collaboration in your organization. We will also walk you through SAP’s Jam Collaboration and show you have you can solve problems faster and drive results by connecting customers, partners and employees.

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Attracting Top Talent in 2019 Webcast

The war for talent is stronger than ever. With so many companies competing for the same pool of talent, how do you stand out? We’ll show you how to leverage your brand, social media and SEO to attract and hire the best talent.

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Re-Imagine your Talent Management Approach

If you are thinking about investing in new technology, there are things to consider and prepare for internally to make the right decisions and to be “process ready” to get the most out of your solution. Understanding current and future-state will help you not only pick the right long-term solution but also prepare you for a more successful implementation.

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Canadian Federal Pay Equity – Are you ready!

The new Federal Pay Equity legislation in Canada is not necessarily that new. Many Federally regulated employers have been subject to pay equity requirements since the late 70’s. However, the new legislation aims to transform the pay equity model from a complaint-based model to a proactive model. Quebec and Ontario have had this model in place for some time now.

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Elevate Your Coaching Impact: Connecting assessment insights to behavior change!

There are many assessments on the market today which claim to create insights to help leaders and teams function at their best. Insights are one thing but translating those insights into actual behavioral change is another. Combining a proven coaching approach to the application of a sound assessment will create lasting change and improved capability. We will describe the critical steps required to help leaders move from ‘interesting insights’ to executable results and lasting behavioral change.

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