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Onboarding / Off Boarding / Cross Boarding

Creating a great employee experience starts even before the employee joins the organization and continues until the day they leave the organization, and after. In todays world, experiences matter. Onboarding, Cross Boarding and Off Boarding processes can derail or elevate employee engagement and success.

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Mindfulness Tool Kit for HR Professionals – How can you ensure you are bringing your best self to your job right now?

If there ever was a time when HR professionals were called upon to be all things to all people – COVID-19 is the time. Are you taking care of yourself or everyone else in your organization? In addition, many of you are likely also juggling childcare and home schooling. Where do you fit in? Taking care of yourself prepares you to be the best leader you can be.

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Ask the Expert! Spotlight on SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and Recruiting Marketing Solutions

There has been a large investment and many enhancements to the SuccessFactors Recruiting Solution over the years, with the largest being the combining of recruiting management and marketing into one product sku. Customers are now able to take advantage of the many features added to recruiting that came with the acquisition of Jobs2Web, a patented recruiting marketing platform, as well as a job posting tool called Multipost that was also acquired, together they are now known as Recruitment Marketing.

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Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on Employment and Hiring

It’s clear this pandemic is unlike any other socio-economic disruption that most of us have experienced in our lifetime. Unlike the .com booms and busts or the “Great Recession”, this crisis is dramatically affecting different sectors of employers and workers in different ways.

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