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Recorded Tuesday, March 31, 2020 1:00 PM EST

Terri Joosten, Global VP HR Strategies Consulting, discusses the pressures in the market to change the “typical” organizational functions of performance management.

For years managers and employees have been actively protesting old methods of performance reviews. The feeling is that they lead to uncomfortable conversations and nonproductive feedback. 

Create a culture of continuous performance management!

The idea of continuous performance management isn’t new. Managers have long been encouraged to engage in regular coaching and communications with employees. Yet they were rarely held accountable for these conversations nor given the tools to support them.

All that has changed and companies can now drive individual career development by creating a culture of continuous learning, development, and growth

We need to focus on exploring how creating a unified approach to performance management and learning can motivate, engage, and inspire employees.

Webcast Agenda

  • Back to Basics
  • Employee Experience
  • Challenges
  • Why Fail
  • Benefits
  • Why Change
  • What is Changing
  • Old Vs New
  • Continuous/Pulse
  • Demo – SuccessFactors
  • What to Do Now
  • Questions & Answers

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