Performance Management – What’s the latest?

Recorded: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 1:00 PM EST

Watch the archive as we discuss the pressures in the market to change the typical organizational functions of “Performance Management”

For years managers and employees have been actively protesting old methods of review. The feeling was that it was leading to uncomfortable conversations and not productive feedback. 

View this webcast and you will learn:

1. What companies are doing to adjust their performance management
2. What you can do to re-invent your performance cycles
3. See how feedback and pulse reviews are changing performance
4. Learn how to tweak old processes to get better results
5. Or overhaul your performance management program

About the Presenter

Terri Joosten Global VP HR Strategies Consulting

Terri Joosten
Global VP
HR Strategies Consulting

As an HR evangelist, I drive business results and enable companies to engage their people through effective HR Strategies and Technologies. We enable C-Suite and senior HR leaders to drive business results through the effective utilization of their most valuable assets, their people.