Preparing For More Effective Compensation Planning in 2019

Recorded March 27, 2019 1:00 PM EST

Join Terri Joosten, Global VP, and Denise Bisland, Compensation Consultant, in discussing how to prepare a compensation strategy and how to leverage compensation technology to prepare you for a more effective compensation plan. 

In this webcast they address compensation planning at a high level, taking it from a strategic perspective then breaking it down a more tactical or pragmatic perspective.

Key components of a compensation strategy

  • Pay Philosophy – Organization goals and objectives
  • Pay Strategy – What do you want to reward, what is competitive?
  • Pay Structure – Guidelines for pay ranges, market value, internal equity
  • Pay Administration – Annual reviews, promotions, job changes, adjustments
  • Pay Communication – Managers tools, key messages, employee information

Learn how your compensation strategy ties into your total rewards program and see who the key stakeholders are and their interest in the compensation plan.

About the Presenters

Terri Joosten
Global VP
HR Strategies Consulting

Denise Bilsland
Compensation Consultant
HR Strategies Consulting

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