The Workforce Suite

Give your employees a workforce management
solution they will love to use.

Meet Your Workforce Management Needs
Wherever Work Happens

Positive employee experiences are a critical aspect of a productive, satisfied, and loyal workforce. The WorkForce Suite adapts to your organization; it delivers breakthrough employee experiences in the cloud — regardless of how unique your company’s pay rules, labor regulations, schedules, and employee self-service needs are.
Whether your employees are global, unionized, full-time, part-time, mobile, or seasonal, the WorkForce Suite makes managing your workforce easy, less costly, and more rewarding for everyone.

What do you get with the Workforce Suite?

The WorkForce Suite helps businesses across a wide range of industries optimize their workforce, simplify compliance management, and boost overall employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Packed with a variety of components that modernize and digitally transform the way your organization manages its workforce’s experiences end-to-end. The Workforce Suite includes:

Time and Attendance

The WorkForce Suite delivers mission-critical time and attendance capabilities while offering the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing needs and market dynamics.

Absence, Leave, and Accommodations

Manage all aspects of employee time off, leave, and accommodation requests while simplifying compliance with ever-changing regulations and reducing costs.


Use a single platform for all your scheduling needs with flexible options to address predictable-to-highly-variable requirements.


Intelligently forecast business performance to generate labor demand with variable business volumes.

Universal Compliance

Comply with every labor law or agreement, whether local, legislative or contractual, industry or corporate with best practices and a future-ready approach.

Data Capture

Replace manual processes and legacy systems with accurate and automated data capturing capabilities

Analytics and Insights

Report on what you want when you need it with analytics and insights tailored to your organization’s needs, no matter how specific

Employee Self-Service and Assistants

Drive employee engagement with greater transparency and access to self-service tools and AI-enabled digital assistance that help them balance work and personal lives.

Employee Productivity and Labor Tracking

Harness detailed labor data to provide valuable and actionable insights that support strategic decision-making while maximizing productivity and minimizing distractions.

HCM and ERP Integrations

Easily share data across business-critical solutions and enable a seamless user experience with the WorkForce Suite’s modern integration platform

Why work

with us?

As a WorkForce Software partner, we help organizations realize value from their workforce innovation programs. Customers can count on smoother implementation, faster adoption, and configurations that meet the specific needs of global employers. Our team of experts provides technical and functional support including:
Configuration fixes and updates
Installation and testing of updates
Identification and resolution of system functionality issues
New functionality configuration

Enable greater visibility, automation, and a workforce that’s thrilled to deliver for your business.

Transform your workforce management today.

Enable greater visibility, automation, and a workforce that’s thrilled to deliver for your business.

Transform your workforce management today.