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With the employee’s health and safety being critical to the success of your organizations and with the increased pressure to track, record and reduce workplace incidents, now is the time to automate Health & Safety. From a safety management perspective, the ultimate goal is to create a real-time, dynamic picture of what is happening with people, assets and environmental conditions at all times.

Safety professionals will have access to a wider array of safety technologies than ever before. More providers are offering implementation support and customer success services. The widespread adoption of tech will transform safety programs for the better.

Core safety management activities have long remained stuck in a world of paper and spreadsheets.

Not so many companies been using software applications for Health & Safety procedures. Adopting safety technologies would reduce workers’ compensation costs and improve productivity.

It’ll also help to set measurable goals, track process, and make evidence-based decisions long before an incident occurs.  Certain applications can monitor status of tools, equipment, and environmental controls.

Required safety training using traditional training tools – DVDs, and Powerpoint presentations – are not effective anymore and have a lack of context.  Interactive safety videos and a short quiz at the end of each part make training more visual and memorable.

More advanced training recently are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR applications teach employees as they navigate the jobsite and act out various processes and procedures. VR applications allow “on-the-job training” to happen anywhere. Both AR and VR create cost-effective, safe environments for training and learning at a fraction of the cost.

Technology-assisted learning is leading organizations and employees to an optimum level of performance, significantly reducing accidents and costs.

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