Four strategies you can start using now to improve your organization’s DEIB

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Creating a workplace that values and drives diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) has become a major priority for many companies. In addition to being the right thing to do from a social perspective, the benefits to being a diverse organization are numerous.  A diverse workforce leads to more creativity and innovation, better connection with […]

The Case For Providing A Positive Candidate Experience

“Can I quit and rejoin the company?” You’re sitting there wondering what the employee means and they respond, “I joined the company 4 years ago and back then we didn’t have the onboarding process that we have today. Every new member of the office is talking about how transformational of an experience it was in […]

Coaching Conversations: Evolve to a Continuous Performance Management Process (CPM)

If the research on performance management has taught us anything, it’s that the greatest challenges companies face is more about people than processes. It’s not usually an ineffective process or tool that hinders the effectiveness of performance management, but resistance from people within the organization to change their mindsets and behaviours relating to coaching and […]

Build trust through a better employee experience

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With unemployment levels reaching historic lows, it’s a job seeker’s market. If your organization can’t provide a positive and fulfilling experience for your employees, they’ll move on to somewhere that can. Everyone expects to be paid accurately and on time. They want to make sure their vacation and sick time accruals and balances to be […]

A Diverse Workforce Means More Than Equal Opportunity For Woman

The globalization of workforces has pushed for more than just gender diversification. Diversity in the business environment now includes everything from gender, race, and ethnicity as well as religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, culture or disabilities. Companies around the world are discovering that supporting a culture of inclusion offers them many more benefits. Intuitively I […]

Continuous Performance Management Is Not New

The idea of Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is not new. Companies have long advised managers to engage in continuous coaching and communication with employees throughout the year. However, managers were rarely held accountable for these conversations nor given the tools to support them. Consequently, many performance management systems went stagnant and reviews remained annual exercises that […]

Our Fundraiser Was a HUGE success! Thank you

On July 4th the HR Strategies team took to the streets of Richmond Hill with the intention to sell lunches in our Lunch for a Cause campaign to raise money for Plan International. Our initial goal was to raise $1000 and we are thrilled to announce that we more than doubled that! We brought in […]

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: UPDATED

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Any American organization or business with more than 100 employees has a legal obligation to comply with the US Government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. The purpose of the policy is to achieve equity in the workplace so that nobody is denied employment, or opportunity, for reasons unrelated to aptitude. Employment equity is a matter of […]

Supporting a Culture of Learning with a Learning Management System

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Every organization wants a high-quality workforce. They may realize that in order to do this they need to advance employee skills, but how? It starts with developing a culture of learning. A culture of continuous learning is essential to company success because it improves employee productivity, business results and gives an organization a competitive edge […]

HR Department Silos Can Damage Your Organization’s Company Culture

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Identifying and dismantling “silos” within HR departments can help prevent the silo mentality that can reduce an organization’s efficiency and damage the overall company culture.  Often as an organization grows their HR department can break-up into smaller departments who are responsible for certain tasks (talent acquisition, for example, is managed separately from learning and development). […]

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